DOMA, and the first gay couple I ever met

Today I want to talk about the first same-sex couple I ever encountered. That is, the first same-sex couple I knowingly encountered — as I was a theater kid growing up with theater peopleĀ in the semi-rural areas of Arkansas and Mississippi, I have no doubt that there were more same-sex couples that just weren’t comfortable […]

Queer Baiting

I don’t think I’ve ever said that TV would be better if all the characters were gay. At least, not while sober and actually thinking. That doesn’t reflect the world at large. I have said, and will keep saying, that queer baiting is wrong. “What’s queer baiting?” Queer baiting is when you dangle the chemistry […]

Adorably Round

Today, inspired by (blog by my new friend Natalie Slaughter) and also by, I am deciding that I will never again try to be thin. No, seriously. Ipstenu adores my body BECAUSE of all the things about it, not IN SPITE of the things about it. I’ve realized that I love it, too. […]